Recent Causes

Recent Causes

Old Age Home

Housing facility with Cleaniness, Confortability, Caring and friendly environment intended for the elderly people.

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Yoga and Meditation

Meditation when practiced together reinforce the connection between mind and body, improving mainly health and well-being.

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Cultural programs

Promotion of Indian culture to foster the development of moral and ethical values in society.

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De-addiction programs

Recovery from addiction with unique approach deviced by Human Peace Foundation team.

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Education for Underprivileged Children

India has many unfortunate children who cannot afford education. Children who do not go to school usually gets involved in child labour. Education is a must and basic right.

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Food for Poor and Hungry people

Let's help to the poor people who don't have access to food.

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Featured Campaigns

Featured project to built a Old Age Home.

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Human Peace Foundation

Human Peace Foundation is an NGO based in India that is started by people who are up to creating a huge difference in the world. We are often undermining the power of kindness, generosity, and giving in our society.

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