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About Human Peace Foundations

Founded in 2009, Human Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization, which promotes and works towards peace building to make world a better place to live where every individual acn live in peace and happiness.

We work with public and private sectors partners to spread the message of peace and it's science apirituality which is the core of Indian culture.

We are working for Old Age care homes for people who are needy and homeless. We organize Yoga and meditation programs among people from different sectors of the society like - corporate, Government, Police etc. to uplift the moral value of people so that we can get rid of all social evils.

Human Peace Foundation contributes in many social welfare activities to make world a better place to live with peace and happiness.

Vision -

The Human Peace Foundation is working towards promoting the message of peace and harmony to prevent violence, injustice and all other social evils, to strengthen a climate of tolerance and security and to foster the development of values of peace and social development.We envision overall well-being for every individual, a world where every individual can live in peace and happiness.

Mission -

The Human Peace Foundation affirms the importance of peace and harmony in the society and inner peace.Working towards contributing to a world where no one is deprived of basic neccessities bread, cloth and shelter. A world of respect and dignity for everyone.

Our Organization works on these principles

The Human Peace Foundation works on the principle of ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः (May all become happy)

# Existence of the God is within every living being and all people have intrinsic values, dignity and fundamental rights as endowned by the creator.

# The God has given us all essential things needed to live a peaceful and happy life. Giving Right path to the socity is the need of hour.

# Every person has, as his or her highest attribute, a spiritual and moral essence.

# Service of the people is the service of God

# To Biuild knowledge and create innovative tools for peacebuilding.

What we do

# Old Age Care Homes

# Cultural Programs/activities to promote Indian culture

# Yoga and meditation programs and promotion

# De-addiction programs

# Service of the poor and needy people

Human Peace Foundation

Human Peace Foundation is an NGO based in India that is started by people who are up to creating a huge difference in the world. We are often undermining the power of kindness, generosity, and giving in our society.

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